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New York and Beyond: Phasing Out Fossil Fuel-Burning Furnaces

By February 22, 2023September 21st, 2023No Comments

by Brian Bonar, Dalrada CEO & Founder

Last month, the New York’s Climate Action Council approved plans to begin phasing out fossil fuel-burning furnaces as part of New York’s aggressive program to address climate change. The plan requires every new home built in 2025 and beyond to install energy-efficient electric heat pumps or other non-combustion heating systems. For existing homes, residents whose fossil fuel-burning heating units break or give out after 2030 will need to replace them with a zero-emission system.

By phasing out the use of fossil fuel-burning furnaces, New York is implementing an effective way to reduce carbon emissions, while also encouraging people and businesses alike to do their part in the global decarbonization effort.

There are many benefits to installing electric heaters and furnaces. Below are five of them:

 1. They Are More Energy Efficient

Clearly, the number one reason for transitioning from fossil fuel-burning heaters and furnaces to electric heat pumps is that they’re simply more energy efficient. That’s because heat pumps work by moving air from one place to another instead of burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, or gas. In the wintertime, they take the warmth from outside air and pump it inside, and during the summer, they reverse the process. This alone leads to big energy savings, which in turn makes them more cost effective (see #2).

2. They Are More Cost Effective

Because electric heat pumps are more energy efficient than fossil fuel-burning furnaces, they are in turn, more cost effective. While heat pumps may cost more to install than traditional furnaces, they are more cost effective to operate in the long run. Since heat pumps are a two-in-one system (meaning they can be used to heat and cool spaces), you can expect a reduction in your energy bills all year round.

3. They Produce Cleaner Indoor Air

Another benefit of heat pumps being more energy efficient is that they produce cleaner indoor air, because they don’t require combustion like traditional gas furnaces do. That means you won’t be exposed to byproducts like carbon monoxide or other airborne pollutants in your home. This can make heat pumps safer for some households when compared to older, outdated heating systems.

4. They Take Up Less Space

Heat pumps are more compact than traditional heating systems. This makes them ideal for homes with limited space. With a smaller footprint, heat pumps can be tucked away in closets or attic spaces and still provide the same level of efficiency as larger systems. Since electric heat pumps operate as both your home’s source for cooling and heating, it also means you’ll save space as you don’t need to install both an air conditioner and a furnace.

5. They Are Quieter

Generally speaking, heat pumps are much quieter than traditional heating systems. This is because they use fewer moving parts which not only makes them run more efficiently, but also allows them to operate at a lower decibel level than other types of heaters. Heat pumps can be installed both inside and outside, allowing you to enjoy the warmth of your home without worrying about the noise.

Expanding Beyond New York State

New York’s plan to phase out fossil-fuel furnaces in exchange for electric heat pumps is an important step toward reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy sources while combatting climate change.

That being said, New York doesn’t stand alone in the fight to reduce fossil fuels. Across the United States, over 15 states and roughly 100 cities have begun to shift policies to encourage or require electrification of homes, workplaces, schools, and government buildings. For example, governors in California, Massachusetts, and Maine have explicitly called for electrification by setting time-bound heat pump deployment targets that total well over 12 million new heat pumps by 2030.

Heat Pumps Are The Future

With a more environmentally-conscious world, the global push for reducing carbon emissions is greater than ever. Additionally, clean energy technologies – including heat pumps, is proving to be a great way for businesses and homeowners alike to improve their energy efficiency while providing significant cost savings.

Dalrada is proud of the work we’ve done in developing our commercial heat pump that was uniquely designed for a number of different industries and applications. As a top heat pump manufacturer, Dalrada delivers innovation and efficiency, building solutions that reduce energy consumption and minimize carbon footprints, increase operational efficiencies, meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals, and lower energy costs for clients.

Up to 7 times more efficient than conventional heating and cooling, and delivering up to a 75% reduction in energy consumption, Dalrada climate technology’s heat pump decarbonizes heat efficiently and effectively. With several scheduled installations in the immediate future and an impressive number of current and upcoming projects in the works featuring our heat pump as the centerpiece, the public is taking notice of the overall value that heat pumps can provide.


Heat pumps are a key component to reduce our reliance on non-renewable sources of energy, improve air quality, and lower emissions. By investing in modern heating systems like these, individual households and businesses can make a major contribution toward protecting the environment while saving costs. Taking action now is essential if we want to tackle climate change and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.


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