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Heat Pump Manufacturing


Heat Pump Manufacturing

Dalrada’s climate technology delivers an innovative lineup of energy-efficient products and services, including state-of-the-art commercial heat pumps and home heat pumps designed to minimize harmful emissions while maximizing cost savings.

Commercial Heat Pumps.

Heat pumps for industrial and commercial purposes represent the best in heating and cooling technology for large spaces. Dalrada’s commercial heat pumps target high energy consumption and combat rising energy costs for businesses of all types.

  • Simultaneous heating and cooling capabilities
  • Climate agnostic; works in multiple regions
  • Retrofittable design, modular build
  • Reduces long-term operational expenses
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Residential Heat Pumps.

Dalrada brings heat pumps home with a variety of residential models that offer lower global warming potential (GWP) through energy-saving technology. These home heat pumps were designed with high-performance capabilities in mind.

  • Multi-functional heating and cooling 
  • Modern, stylish appearance 
  • Noise-reducing technology 
  • Integrated controls and user-friendly interface 
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Tomorrow’s Technology Today.

Dalrada Climate Technology specializes in developing cleaner, more efficient alternatives when it comes to heating and cooling needs for both commercial and residential purposes.

Traditional boilers and chillers are no longer the best choice. Now, more than ever, there’s a dire need for robust technology that addresses not only high energy consumption but energy derived from the combustion and the burning of fossil fuels, while combatting high energy costs.

We’re proud to deliver next-generation heat pump technology that reduces negative environmental impact and saves money on heating and cooling.

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