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About Dalrada.

Dalrada is an American technology and manufacturing company that prides itself in creating disruption in a variety of industries and business sectors.
Since 1982, the company has redefined the possibilities while tackling global challenges with ingenuity and transformative innovations that drive targeted advances in emerging markets.

With a forward-thinking team of global experts, Dalrada delivers a new era of human behavior and interaction and ensures a bright future for the world around us by positively impacting people, businesses, and the planet.

Dalrada: where transformative innovations are built.

Investor Connection

A Solid Foundation.

Dalrada, also known as “The Stone of Destiny,” has been revered for centuries as a holy relic fought over by nations and used successively by British monarchs as an important part of their enthronement ceremonies.

According to legend, The Stone of Destiny came from the Holy Land, where Jacob supposedly used it as a pillow in Biblical times. Transported through Egypt, Sicily and Spain, it was eventually taken to Ireland, where it is said that Saint Patrick himself blessed the rock for use in crowning the kings of the Emerald Isle. Used in the coronation ceremonies of the historical Kingdom of Dalriada, the stone became the traditional coronation stone of Scottish Kings and Queens until it was stolen by King Edward I of England.

In 1996, the Stone of Destiny was returned to its rightful place in Scotland and installed in Edinburgh Castle. It is arguably the greatest symbol and touchstone of Scottish nationhood and has been a recognizable and historic icon for more than a thousand years.

The Stone of Destiny represents bold perseverance and lasting resolve – the same values that Dalrada Financial Corporation adheres to.

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