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Tips For Optimal Wellness In A Post-COVID World

By August 30, 2022September 1st, 2022No Comments

Preventative health is proactive. Before COVID-19, 11% of Americans reported depression or anxiety symptoms. In just a year, this rose to 42%. Empowering and enabling people of all ages to remain healthy and fully participate in life, personalized health wellness options are a must.

Precisely targeting what an individual’s body can naturally process, genomics tests and analysis reveal metabolic factors and potential reactions to foods, nutraceuticals, medications, and the environment. Key components to achieving optimal wellness in today’s stressful world include:

Adults require seven or more hours of “beauty sleep” per day, as lack of quality sleep releases cortisol that breaks down collagen in the skin. Increased quantity and quality of sleep improves athletic performance, the immune system, mental outlook, and physical appearance.

Anxiety and depression are linked to sleep deprivation as research reveals. The brain produces melatonin for sleep health and serotonin for emotional wellbeing. Sleep quality and quantity, diet, exercise, and hydration have a direct effect on mental wellness.

The brain, heart, lungs, skin, muscles, and kidneys are vital organs made of 60%+ water. To fight off illness, precise hydration is proactive prevention. The body naturally rids toxins to function optimally. Replenishing specific vitamins, minerals, and more – administered by IV Therapy for instance – brings fast-acting, long-lasting, anti-aging benefits.

Some micronutrients and diet are specific for development and maintenance of an effective immune system, reducing chronic inflammation, managing stress, and achieving optimal performance, reports show. Research of chronic health conditions not helped by a regular diet reveals that IV Therapy bypasses digestion for rapid absorption.

Reducing stress with daily exercise is said to improve memory and focus, immunity, self-esteem, sleep, energy, and resilience with mental or emotional challenges. Genomics testing and analysis for fitness strength, recovery, and performance factors aid in maximizing precision wellness benefits.

Recent medical reports have shown the clear importance of Vitamin D within our bodies. Consistent deficiencies have been detected in recently-admitted hospital patients with respiratory distress. With age, naturally synthesizing sunlight reduces. IV Therapy’s rapid absorption of vitamins is a long-lasting and healthy alternative.

Precision health is growing in popularity for its ability to navigate these key aspects to achieving optimal wellness.

Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness provides a variety of alternative therapies that support personalizing optimal health and wellness goals.

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