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The Benefits of a Safe Degreaser

By August 8, 2022No Comments

Are chemical-based degreasers more effective than water-based products?

Industrial cleaners and degreasers have largely been chemical-based for cleaning dirty, greasy, grimy parts and equipment within the aerospace, automotive, marine, mechanical, oil and gas, and rail industries for years. These chemical-based products are oftentimes dangerous and can harm people and the planet as well. If these hazards are well-documented, why are toxic products still in use?

The historical perception is that harsh chemicals are suitable for big, industrial-strength jobs, and liquid (water-based) cleaners and degreasers are better for lightweight jobs for industries that may include agriculture, food and beverage production, and manufacturing.

The main property of an effective degreaser is its ability to remove insoluble substances from surfaces. Essentially, a degreaser is a solvent.

Water is a non-toxic solvent. Cleaning degreasers can be water-based, eco-friendly (“green”), and formulated from natural sources. A common misconception is that eco-friendly products are not as effective as chemicals, rendering natural products “lightweight” and only suitable for facilities maintenance, schools, or homes.

Move over harmful chemicals: liquid cleaning degreasers have evolved and are trending worldwide.

When life gets dirty, rather than choose between chemicals or nature, one industrial manufacturer provides their proprietary formulation to give everyone a safer, non-toxic, environmentally responsible solution for uses across the boards of industrial-strength, heavy-duty, or lighter applications.

Dalrada Precision is a global industrial parts manufacturer that knows clean parts and a clean environment improve efficiency. These industry experts have formulated Ignite Industrial Technologies™ products to be water-based, naturally-derived, and concentrated cleaning/degreasing products. Ignite delivers the results expected from traditional products in a much safer format for people and the planet.

Safer deep-cleaning liquid degreasers

With no harsh chemicals (mineral spirits, butyl-based products, caustics, and alkaline detergents to name a few), all Ignite Industrial Technologies™ products, including Precision IgnitePrecision Extreme, and Precision Max – are highly concentrated, biodegradable industrial liquid degreasers and cleaners that quickly remove coker charge, asphalt tar, paraffins, drag-reducing agents, crude oil, and tenacious soils.

Ignite products can aid industries that must provide transparency and accountability throughout the supply chain for sustainability initiatives over the next thirty years. Ignite products are designed for regulatory compliance and do not affect the water treatment processes, which is a considerable cost factor for industrial manufacturing.

Ignite’s revolutionary liquid deep cleaner/degreaser products positively impact safety for people and the environment. The unique qualities of these products include water-solubility and the fact that they are non-toxic, non-caustic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-combustible, and non-fuming – a breath of fresh air.

Trust Ignite Industrial Technologies™ to get the job done and be a safer solution for people, processes, and the planet.

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