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How Dalrada is Paving the Way for a Greener Future with Modern Energy Solutions

By April 26, 2023May 26th, 2023No Comments
Dalrada Corporation - climate technology, precision manufacturing, technology

Today, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainability are more important than ever, with companies around the world dedicating their efforts to the clean energy and sustainability movement.

Committed to positively impacting people, businesses, and the planet, Dalrada owns and operates a global group of clean energy, precision manufacturing, and technology companies that make clean energy and sustainability a reality. Here’s a look at how Dalrada is paving the way for a greener future with its advanced energy solutions.

Building a Sustainable Energy Future: Advanced Energy Services

As more commercial companies seek to implement ESG (environmental, social, and governance) goals, Dalrada Energy Services (DES) is a major driving force in this ongoing trend. Contrary to popular belief, creating an ESG strategy can positively impact a company’s profits. Companies that implement sustainable practices can reduce operational costs, increase market share, and improve brand reputation leading to higher profits. Studies have shown that companies prioritizing ESG practice have a lower cost of capital, greater return on investment, and increased shareholder value.

DES addresses unmet energy and cost savings while presenting opportunities for clients. The subsidiary offers a range of renewable energy products and services that promote sustainability and minimize negative environmental impacts. These include advanced heat pumps and chillers, upgraded HVAC systems, enhanced lighting, water conservation, battery storage, solar power, window replacement, and real-time energy monitoring, among others. By utilizing these services, clients can earn tax credits, carbon credits, and rebates while reducing their energy consumption and carbon footprint. Helping companies to meet ESG goals, DES supports the global initiative to transition to net-zero emissions.

Delivering Engineering Excellence: Precision Manufacturing and Design

Dalrada Precision Manufacturing (DPM), is a leader in delivering advanced decarbonizing solutions. Its flagship product, the Likido™ONE CO₂-based heat pump, provides heating and cooling without the need for combustion or the burning of fossil fuels. This innovative machine also delivers up to 75% energy savings while being seven times more efficient than standard boilers or chillers. With its revolutionary heat pump technology, Likido™ONE is ideal for a wide range of industries, including hotels, gyms, spas, commercial buildings, data centers, hospitals, schools, and food production and processing facilities. Likido™ONE helps companies contribute to a cleaner environment while improving their bottom line.

Heat pumps are rapidly growing in popularity for many reasons, but especially because they reduce the world’s dependence on fossil fuels. To achieve the global goal of Net Zero emissions by 2050, the International Energy Agency called for a global stock of 600 million heat pumps by 2030. With a record-high growth in sales and a 25% increase in investment in 2022, roughly 190 million units are already in operation worldwide. Likido™ONE is expected to be an integral part of the global growth of heat pumps and capture a significant percentage of the clean energy market.

The US Department of Energy (DOE) has allocated $250 million to encourage more heat pump manufacturing with funding relying on the Defense Production Act invoked by President Biden in June 2022 to essentially strengthen the domestic supply chain for clean energy technologies. Currently, the agency is seeking opinions on how best to utilize this funding to accelerate the adoption of heat pumps.

Driving Modern Energy Technology: Cutting-Edge Development

Dalrada Technology Ltd., a specialized UK division of Dalrada, is home to Deposition Technology (Deptec) and is currently the primary manufacturing facility for Likido™ high-efficiency industrial heat pumps (Likido™ONE) and cryogenic coolers. Deptec produces thin film physical vapor deposition (PVD) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD) systems for use in the semiconductor and research and development industries.

Manufacturing companies are crucial in the development and production of state-of-the-art green technologies. Their expertise in design, engineering, testing, and production processes is essential for driving innovation and ensuring that new products meet strict quality standards. With reliable components from trusted manufacturers, green technology systems can provide consistent and lower-cost power over time. Expert manufacturing contributions are also necessary for the large-scale production of existing green technology. For instance, lithium-ion batteries, often used in electric vehicles, have a high storage capacity, and their mass production requires experienced manufacturers with advanced machinery. By refining the production process with efficient machinery and advancing automation techniques, manufacturers can ensure that power sources (like lithium-ion batteries) become more affordable while meeting quality standards.

A Core of Powerful Energy Solutions: Recap

Dalrada subsidiaries work toward the common goal of positively impacting people, business, and the planet. Together, they help drive modern energy technology and manufacturing capabilities toward a more environmentally friendly, more economical, and more sustainable future.

Dalrada Energy Services empowers its clients to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals and reduce their negative environmental impact by replacing outdated electricity and systems with advanced products and services that promote sustainability and reduce harmful emissions. Dalrada Precision Manufacturing’s Likido™ provides high-efficiency commercial and industrial heat pumps and cryogenic chillers that offer advanced decarbonized heating and cooling capabilities to several industries. Lastly, Dalrada Technology Ltd. manufactures heat pumps, thin film physical vapor deposition, and chemical vapor deposition systems for the semiconductor and research and development industries, further advancing clean energy technologies.

To learn more about how Dalrada is helping to pave the way for a greener future or to contact us, please visit our Investor Connection today.

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