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Maximizing Infusion Therapy

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“Overall wellbeing” refers to a range of factors that include everything from the environment to emotions. The mind and body feel invigorated when resources for operating at full potential are available. IV Therapy provides a multitude of benefits that can improve your wellbeing. Read below to learn more.


Natural metabolic energy production can actually produce toxic byproducts (free radicals, for instance) that damage cellular DNA and are a primary cause of aging. Free radicals can manifest in fatigue, low energy, aging, and reduced luster of the skin and hair. IV Hydration Therapy detoxifies the body naturally, removing free radicals.


By detoxifying and replenishing the body, beauty radiates from within. Regular IV Therapy treatments can slow the natural aging process while reducing wrinkles, improving blemishes, skin tone and adding suppleness, strengthening hair, and moistening eyes and lips for a brighter, more youthful appearance.


Pre-workout hydration with IV Therapy can contain amino acids for muscle building and improve athletic performance. Post-workout IV Therapy provides fast and effective rehydration for eliminating free radicals and accelerating recovery time.


IV Therapy is ideal for those with chronic health conditions not aided by a regular diet and for replenishing the body from the adverse effects of medications that can block the body’s ability to absorb nutrients. IV Therapy replenishes the body with vitamins and minerals in typically less than an hour, compared to the body’s natural process – up to two days – for natural digestion.


Body metabolic byproducts from stress can linger. When retained in a dehydrated body, some amino acids redirect function and deplete vital processes. Managing mental wellness is affected by natural sleep-wake cycles. IV Therapy naturally improves the chain reaction of tryptophan, serotonin, and melatonin for better sleep while accelerating the body’s ability to heal.


Analysis of a person’s unique genetic makeup and metabolism reveals pathways to achieving optimal wellness. IV Therapy is a precision wellness tactic for rapidly providing and replenishing essential elements that the body needs.

Sòlas Rejuvenation + Wellness services include a variety of alternative therapies for achieving personalized optimal health and wellness goals.

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