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Global Expansion: Dalrada Subsidiaries are on the Verge of Something Special

By December 29, 2023No Comments


  • Entering phase of rapid multi-division global growth
  • Major progress on development of proprietary heat pump system
  • Built Genefic’s health operating team to drive nationwide sales and marketing
  • Established European facilities and hired expert teams to bolster expansion
  • Genefic secured licenses to launch specialty pharmacy in fast-growing U.S. market

In his latest shareholder update video, CEO Brian Bonar spotlights Dalrada’s impressive growth across its operating segments in both the United States and across Europe. He reports significant momentum—particularly within the company’s climate technology and health divisions—thanks to recent changes in leadership and new licenses and accreditations for Genefic Specialty Pharmacy.

Brian shares that Dalrada Climate Technology (DCT) has made tremendous progress developing its leading-edge heat pump system. Seeing as this technology is forecasted to address renewable energy needs worldwide, these developments represent massive revenue potential.

DCT also established a dedicated manufacturing facility, office space, and demonstration center near Edinburgh, Scotland, to expedite further expansion into the European market.

Additionally, the company hired expert teams—including a CEO and COO—to support launches in Spain, France, and Morocco.

Dalrada’s new Las Vegas demonstration room allows visitors to see DCT’s heat pumps in action, and continuously tests pump performance to accelerate entry into the U.S. market.

Lastly, Dalrada’s health subsidiary, Genefic, has seen substantial growth and has secured several crucial accreditations to establish a specialty pharmacy platform in the U.S. Brian notes that Genefic Specialty Pharmacy has built an expert operating team to help drive sales and marketing nationwide.

With the company’s major technology developments, investments in new facilities, and onboarding of executive hires, Dalrada is braced for continued global expansion across the climate technology and healthcare industries.

 Please contact us today for more information about Dalrada’s growth potential and innovative technologies, or visit our Investor Connection page to learn more.

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