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Dalrada’s technology company, Prakat Solutions, hosts GAAD 2020

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San Diego, CA – May 19, 2020 — Dalrada Financial Crop. (OTC Pink: DFCO) announced that its Technology Company, Prakat Solutions Inc., will once again host and sponsor a virtual Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) to commemorate the commitment to resolve accessibility challenges around the world

The annual event brings together corporate entities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and people from all industries to raise awareness of the various issues surrounding digital inclusivity and web accessibility. Since its inception in 2012, GAAD has stressed the importance of enhancing the digital experience for users who have visual, auditory, motor or other disabilities by ensuring accessibility across websites, mobile applications, and electronic documents.

The GAAD 2020 event by Prakat will focus on cognitive disabilities, issues related to aging, and other specific needs that are paramount to ensuring a successful digital experience – both from a user standpoint and a legal standpoint as well. The current impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on people with disabilities and special needs will be also discussed via a highly-anticipated panel discussion.

This year’s virtual event will be held May 21st and features a group of internationally-known guests who will be speaking on various topics, including Ramana Polavarapu, Vice President at Goldman Sachs; Gavin Fenn Smith, Leadership Coach and Co-Founder of; Dr. Joanaa Savarese, Owner and Clinical Director of San Diego Brainworks; and David L. Jaffe, Lecturer at Stanford University.

The company’s experienced accessibility engineering teams specialize in testing and fixing software applications and products to help make them accessible and usable by people with disabilities. Prakat facilitates applications and products that integrate with assistive technologies in compliance with accessibility standards and laws as set forth by the W3C and other country-specific regulations such as the American Disabilities Act (ADA), British Standard 8878 (BS 8878), and the Canadian AODA.

There is a tremendous opportunity for Prakat’s GAAD 2020 initiative to impact a large number of people in positive ways, according to Anuradha Biswas, CEO and Founder of Prakat Solutions. “We’ve been involved with GAAD for six years now and each year provides us with a larger opportunity than before to reach an even wider global audience. There are over 1 billion people suffering from some form of a disability around the world and we’re confident that we can help improve their online experience,” said Biswas.

For more information about Prakat’s GAAD 2020 event including the schedule and registration information, please visit

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About Prakat Solutions

Prakat Solutions Inc. is a technology solutions company specializing in test engineering, accessibility engineering, product engineering, and application modernization. The company partners with clients to create transparent, value-based relationships by leveraging the extensive experience of its team and by providing innovative solutions in a wide range of technology domains that ultimately enable customers to successfully attain their business goals. The Prakat work culture is based on the belief that, “We believe in what we do; we do what we love.” Prakat is an ISO 9001-certified company with several Fortune 1000 customers. With its main engineering center in Bangalore, India, the Company also has offices in Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and San Diego, California. The Prakat team provides end-to-end product engineering services across various domains including banking and financial services, telecom, retail, healthcare, manufacturing, legal, and IT infrastructure. For more information, please visit

About Dalrada Financial

Dalrada Financial Crop. (OTC Pink: DFCO) solves real-world problems by producing innovation-focused and technologically-centered solutions on a global level. Delivering next-generation manufacturing, engineering, and healthcare products and services designed to propel growth, Dalrada is a team of industry experts and an organization built upon a strong foundation of financial capital. The Company and its subsidiaries are positioned for stable long-term growth through intelligent market research, sound business acumen, and established operational infrastructure. For more information, visit or call 1-858-283-1253.


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