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Dalrada Enters Exhilarating Period of Hypergrowth

By December 29, 2023No Comments


  • Secured heat pump contracts valued at $900+ million in future revenue
  • Annual report reflects period of hypergrowth across numerous businesses
  • Strong sustainability performance seen in global partnerships
  • Continued infrastructure investments to support accelerated growth

CEO Brian Bonar discusses key takeaways from Dalrada Financial Corporation’s 2023 annual report, reflecting on the company’s exceptional momentum thanks to a combination of infrastructure investments and an extensive backlog of new heat pump contracts valued at over $900 million in revenue.

Dalrada’s recent investments and sizable queue of new heat pump contracts are clear signs of the company’s rapid growth across numerous businesses.

In the video, Brian also thanks shareholders and employees who share his vision of “progress and profitability,” and welcomes new investors who align with Dalrada’s overall vision and values.

The company’s strong performance is especially evident by its recent expansions and global partnerships. Along with a reported 54.3% revenue increase and positive net equity in its annual 10-K, Dalrada has formed strategic partnerships across the globe — including two distribution agreements in Spain and a new subsidiary in Morocco.

With substantial momentum and a considerable backlog of heat pump contracts set to drive further growth, the future looks bright for Dalrada and its shareholders. As Brian notes, the company will continue pursuing opportunities globally while delivering value and returns.

Along with demonstrating the company’s upward trajectory, positive updates like these help reinforce why Dalrada remains an attractive investment option within the ever-evolving energy sector.

Contact us today to learn more about Dalrada’s rapid growth and cutting-edge technologies, or explore our Investor Connection page for more information.

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