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Staff Leasing or PEO

Dalrada Financial provides three business solutions through its companies to allow for flexibility of your business needs. Those three solutions offered are Staff Leasing, PEO Services, and ASO Solutions.

Staff Leasing or Staffing Solutions, provides your company with a wide range of qualified temporary employees who possess the necessary experience and skills needed to meet expectations. Understanding our client's business, corporate culture, and operating process allows us to identify areas where we may leverage our staffing expertise and offer value based solutions to satisfy key staffing needs.

A Professional Employer Organization, or PEO, becomes your co-employer to relieve you of many Employee Administration duties. A PEO can take on the responsibility of handling everything from payroll and tax filings, to workers compensation, labor compliance, risk management, employee files, benefit administration and more. Basically a PEO takes care of the administrative side of employment and allows you to focus on the day-to-day tasks involved in maintaining and growing your business.

As an Administrative Services Organization, or ASO, Dalrada Financial can provide many of the same benefits of a traditional PEO; however eliminate the need of a "co-employer" relationship. Through this, we can offer bundled or individual services such as just Payroll Processing or Human Resources Administration. Each service can be custom tailored to your individual need.