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Safety Services
  Dalrada Financial's Safety Director tailors a client-specific program to comply with all Cal-OSHA and SB 198 statutes, reducing employee exposure and down time.

Safety Meetings & Inspections:

Dalrada Financial ensures all necessary meetings and inspections are conducted under OSHA guidelines and provide a policy and procedure handbook for your employees in order to meet all SB-198 requirements. Dalrada Financial, through its Safety Division maintains a proactive program with each client. Dalrada Financial currently provides a new national program "HCO" for the benefit of controlling and monitoring all job related injuries.

Q: What is an HCO?

A: A Workers Compensation Health Care Organization is an organization that has been certified by the State of California Division of Worker's Compensation to provide health care to injured workers.

HCOs must meet the quality and service standards set by the Division of Workers Compensation. They must have health care providers who understand the workers compensation system and occupational health care. The HCO must be able to work with employers and workers to improve worksite health and safety. For enrolment employees, the HCO will coordinate all aspects of the care for any work related injury, including working with the employer to help the employee get back to work in a job that will not make the injury worse. The HCO must provide information on the services they provide to injured workers and must answer your questions and complaints.

Q: What are the benefits of an HCO?

A: The HCO strives to ensure the injured employee is receiving the best medical care available and helps keep the patient educated about the medical aspects of their claim through contact with the Utilization Review Nurse. Focus on early return to work processes assist the employee in returning to full salary quickly through coordination of modified jobs and appropriate medical care. Integral grievance procedures allow the employee the opportunity to address concerns about their medical care without the need for litigation.

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