Nick Gordon


Board Director


Currently a Broker Salesperson and Senior Vice President of Institutional Investments at Millennium Commercial Properties, Mr. Gordon brings vast experience to Dalrada with expertise in real estate investments (REITs), real estate development, commercial business, and capital growth.

Mr. Gordon co-founded the real estate development and overseas trading companies Empire Commercial and Empire Trading International. With his distinct professional skills in real estate, Nick Gordon was instrumental in completing the redevelopment of a landmark luxury mall in Hanoi, Vietnam. Mr. Gordon previously held positions as Managing Director of Forstmann & Co. and co-founded numerous companies, including Global Trust Group, a boutique private equity firm, and AMP Medical products.

Mr. Gordon’s background with global REITs and property development enhances the benefits of implementing Environmental, Sustainability, and Governance (ESG) compliance. His unique industry knowledge facilitates increased property values and enables substantial clean energy cost-savings across multiple industries.

While reduced dependence on CO2-producing fossil fuels occurs worldwide across multiple industries, Mr. Gordon’s broad experience in the domestic and global petroleum markets, coupled with the introduction of new technology platforms, is a valuable asset to Dalrada’s clean energy initiatives.

Mr. Gordon also has nearly 20 years of experience in sales and management. He has received numerous awards working for multi-billion-dollar companies like Eli Lilly, Medicis, Johnson & Johnson, and Mallinckrodt. Gordon is a 10-time Circle of Excellence/President’s Club winner and Multiple Chairman’s Club inductee. He attended Boston University and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, obtaining bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the latter.