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Payroll Advance
  As part of The Dalrada family, you are eligible for advances on your next paycheck through our Payday Loan program. Use the money for anything important to you - family emergencies, unexpected repairs, overdrafts, or other personal expenses.  
  How Payday Loans Work

You can borrow up to 65% of your gross wages (up to $500). Your loan is generally processed the same day and funds provided to you by check in 24 to 48 hours. If you send us a copy of a deposit slip to your bank account, we can electronically transfer funds faster. If you participate in the Globel Mastercard® Program, funds will be electronically transferred to your account in the SAME DAY.

Download Payroll Advance Application Here

Simply complete the loan agreement and promissory note provided and fax them to us at (858) 277-3448.

  The Maturity Date of Your Payday Advance

The maturity date of your payday loan is no longer than 14 days. The entire balance of your loan will be deducted (including fees) from your next paycheck. You have the option of borrowing again at this time, subject to the limitations of the program described above. Please call our customer service center with any questions you may have.


A cash advance is intended as a short-term cash flow tool. It is not designed as a solution for longer-term financial problems. We do not allow up rollovers or extensions of the term of a Payday Loan. The loan is paid in full through a deduction of principal and fees from your next paycheck.

  Requirements For Payday Advance

The following items are required for the approval of your payday loan application:

  • You must have been employed by our company for at least 3 months
  • You must have access to a fax machine
  • You cannot have more than ONE other outstanding payday loan

Download Payroll Advance Application Here