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"As a relatively new business, you can get $50,000 to $250,000 or more in CASH credit without jeopardizing your personal credit and assets! Building Corporate Credit is one key to ensure your success. With Corporate Credit, you never have to utilize your hard-earned cash or your personal credit to get the Capital you need to start, run, or expand your business. Separate Family from Business.
As a seasoned business, you can get Millions of Dollars in CASH credit. Building Corporate Credit will give you the ability to build credit directly under the name of your Corporation without jeopardizing your personal credit. Just as everybody has personal credit and credit scores, your business also has the ability to build and utilize corporate credit. This will give you the edge in the marketplace because it allows you to use funding and capital without compromising your personal credit.
You have the ability to raise Hundred's of Thousands, if not MILLIONS of dollars in Corporate CASH Credit"

Tax Strategy Solutions
  We will do a Preliminary Corporate Name Check with State
  We will incorporate your business in any state *
  We will Obtain Federal Tax ID number
  You will receive Certified Copy of State Filed Documents
  You will receive Corporate Kit & Seal
  We do your Articles of Incorporation/Organization
  We do your Statement of Information
  We do your Annual Statement of Information and Registration
  We do your Resolutions, Minutes, By-Laws, etc.
  We Keep you Compliant with the State
Value Health Plan
  We will Create an Active Credit Profile with Dun & Bradstreet *
  • Obtain a favorable D&B Paydex score of 80+
  • Obtain at least 7 - 10 Trade References and more!
  •   We will Create an Active Credit Profile with Business Experian
  • Obtain a favorable Intelliscore score of 80+
  • Obtain at least 7 - 10 Trade References and more!
  •   You will build up to $250,000 or more in Corporate Credit
      You will obtain Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, and more!)
      You will build vendor credit and lease equipment, automobiles and machinery
      You will receive Personal Credit Repair Service *
    Supplemental Insurance

    Assist in Asset Protection Strategies. We will help in assist in Asset Protection Strategies to help protect your Assets and Investments.